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 Bus Photos

Welcome to our Bus Photo Page. These are photos showing how bus travel was in the early years.

If you have photos you would like to add, Please email them to us and we will add them to our collection.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

Some Old, Some Newer & Some Famous Music Stars Bus Photos

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first mack bus ever built.

First Bus Built was a Mack.


1938 W-1 Deckand a Half Bus

1935-1938 W1 , Kenworth  Deck and a Half Bus Built by Pacific Car & Foundry that later became ( PACCAR )



1952 General American Aerocoach 3 Decker Bus


1952 General Motors Silver Sides



Greyhound Bus Station across from the Old Penn Station in New York, N. Y.

wilson bus lines Eagle Bus

01 Eagle Bus seated

01 Eagle Bus

01 Eagle Bus in Field

01 Eagle Bus



The B.B. King  Band Bus ( 1940 's )

Elvis and Dad

Elvis and his Dad and a Friend in front of his Flex Bus.

Elvis MCI Bus

Elvis MCI bus 2

Elvis mci bus 3


Blueridge quartet bus

bob wells bus

The First Family Of Gospel Music

The Happy Goodman Family with their new 1962 Silver Eagle

2805237404_27f9ea9ef6.jpg (302151 bytes)

Thrasher Brothers 40 Ft. 01 Eagle Bus ( 1960 I think )

old fles

Dixie Echoes Flex Bus

01 Eagle

Dixie Echoes 01 Eagle Bus

01 Eagle

Yesterday !

Today !

Blackwood Silver Side Bus

What is Mr. Blackwood doing in this service station parking lot ?

Blackwood Silver Side Bus

Blackwood Silver Side Bus

Now you know !

05 Eagle

Gold City Quartet 05 Eagle

Gold City Quartet 05 Eagle Bus

Mus_Bus_71Eagle.jpg (172286 bytes)

Inspirations 40 Ft. 05 Eagle Bus

05 eagle tour bus

downings eagle

Stage Coach VIP ( Curly Jones )

Florida Coach

Ed Skillman, Nite Flight Conversions & Coach Leasing

Ed Skillman, Nite Flight Conversions & Coach Leasing

Jay Boy Adams, Roadhouse Coach


speer famly bus

Speer Family in front of their GMC Silver Sides Bus

speer bus

speer family silver side bus broke down

I heard something go Bang  and then I saw a cloud of Smoke !

LeFevres in front of their bus

LeFevres in front of their recording studio and their 4106 GMC Tour Bus

leFevres bus

LeFevres 4107 GMC Bus

LefPic_StoneMt_Bus.jpg (45065 bytes)

LeFevres 4107 GMC Bus

05 Eagle Bus

05 Eagle Tour Bus

OBOF.jpg (53622 bytes)

Old SilverSide GMC Bus

wendy bagwells tour bus

Wendy Bagwell's Bluebird Tour Bus

oak ridge boys drivers

Oak Ridge Boy's Drivers back in the 80's


oaks drivers, buses and trucks


Oak Ridge Boys 05 Silver Eagle

Oak Ridge Boys Model 10 Eagle

oak ridge boy's MCI


oaks prevost bus


oaks bus with william lee out front


oaks headed home



Loretta & Mooney with their Flex Bus

LorettasoldTourBus.jpg (43895 bytes)

Loretta Lynn MCI BUs in Musieum

Loretta Lynn's Retired MCI Bus at her Museum

tracy lawrence tour bus

Staley Coach built two of these for Tracy to lease. His bus was a Star Bus and

the sister bus was the band bus with a recording studio in the rear lounge.

tracy lawrence tour bus # 2

hanksnowxmas.JPG (41595 bytes)

Hank Snow's 1951GMC Bus

hank snow last bus

This was the last bus Hank Snow owned.

George Jones / Tammy Wynette 01 Silver Eagle Tour Bus

george jones and tammy

This was the Bands Bus.

Tammy Wynette Model 10 Eagle

Charlie Daniels and his Prevost LeMirage XL Bus

Jim Reeves and his Flex Bus

The Father Of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe and his Eagle Bus

Jim & Jesse and their GM Bus

Lefty Frizzell and his Flex Bus

Ernest Tubb Flex Bus with band outside

Ernest Tubb's Flex Bus

flex bus hanging on cliff

I'll bet there was some underwear changing after this little Boo Boo !

bob lumans tour bus 50's Flex

Bob Luman & His Flex Tour Bus

porter wagoner

Dolly & Porter in Porter's 4107 GMC Bus

Porter's Flex Bus

Dolly Partons first tour bus

Dolly with her first tour bus @ 40 Ft. GMC 4107 built by Custom Coach Corp.

T.G. Sheppard  ( 05 Eagle )

PHOTO COURTESY OF  : Thomas Pogue, Broken Arrow, OK.

jerry reeds 05 silver bus

Jerry Reed's 05 Silver Eagle Bus

The Kendalls 05 Silver Eagle Tour Bus

Alan Jackson's Model 10 Eagle ( Notice the middle entry door )

Alan Jackson Model 10 Eagle

T.G. Sheppard ( Model 10 Eagle )

PHOTO COURTESY OF  : Thomas Pogue, Broken Arrow, OK.

cheatin heart special before the conversion

This is the Cheatin Heart Special before it was converted.

hank williams jr. silver eagle bus

Hank Williams Jr. & His  1972 05 Silver Eagle Tour Bus ( Front View )

This photo shows the bus when it was brand new before it had the interior converted for Hank Jr.

hank williams jr. 1972 silver eagle tour bus, the cheatin heart special

Hank Williams Jr. 1972 40 Ft. Silver Eagle Tour Bus, The Cheatin Heart Special ( Side View )

Hank Williams Jr. Model 20 Silver Eagle Tour Bus

tommy cash bus

Tommy Cash 1970 05 Silver Eagle Tour Bus

Billy ( CRASH ) Craddocks Model 05 Eagle

Bellamy Brothers Model 05/10 Eagle

Helen 's Tour Bus

ray price eagle bus

Ray Price ( Model 10 Eagle Touring Bus )

Keith Whitleys Tour Bus

Keith Whitleys 1975 Silver Eagle Tour Bus

Eddie Ravens Tour Bus

Eddie Raven's 1982 Silver Eagle Tour Bus

Eddie Raven's Model 10 Eagle

The Judds  ( Model 10 Eagle )

The Judds Model 10 Eagle

Ronnie Milsaps Model 05 Eagle

Ronnie Milsaps Model 10 Eagle

CASH.jpg (213735 bytes)

Johnny Cash's MCI 9 Bus

Waylon's 1973 40 Ft. Silver Eagle Bus. This was the first new bus he ever bought. Years later, it became the Band Bus and a few years later

it was taken to Alabama, had the roof raised and the the interior remodeled and was now the crew bus.

waylons 73 eagle bus after remodel

Waylons 1973  Silver Eagle Bus after it had the roof raised and a new interior.

Staley Coach sold it to a Gospel group in Kentucky and they sold it on Ebay to these gentlemen after his death.

Waylons Prevost Tour Bus

Waylon's Prevost Bus

Ricky Van Shelton 1989 45 Ft. Eagle Model 15


keith fowler

Alabama's Tour Promoter, Keith Fowler's Model 10 Eagle

Conway Twitty's MCI Tour Bus


bio-neil-bus.jpg (91423 bytes)

Neil Young's Eagle Bus

2425973081_514fc43029.jpg (104466 bytes)    2426680504_24354d9ff8.jpg (80227 bytes)

Taylor Swifts Prevost XLII Bus

434792692_398415abb4.jpg (121416 bytes)

Willie Nelson's H3-45 Prevost Bus

willie nelson 10 eagle bus

Florida Coach Model 10 Eagle

Florida Coach

Florida Coach Model 05 40 Ft. Eagle

Florida Coach

Florida Coach

Florida Coach


435140460_12aa9ff1e9.jpg (112694 bytes)

Merle Haggard's MCI Bus

01 Eagle Tour Bus

1966 01 Eagle Tour Bus

10/15 Eagle Bus

1980 10/15 40 Ft. Eagle Tour bus built by Staley Custom Coach to Lease. Built in 1993

10/15 Eagle tour bus

Mural is the bridge going across Center Hill Lake in Smithville, TN. painted by Harry Martin ( Harry Did It )

staley coach bus

1980 Silver Eagle Model 10 Bus, Stretched to 45 Ft with a Model 15 Front & Rear Cap

This coach was built by Staley Coach for a lease bus in 1990

10/15 eagle bus

10/15 Eagle Motorhome conversion with front & middle entry doors.

model 15 Eagle tour bus

Model 15 Eagle Tour Bus.

Eagle 15 Tour Bus

Model 15 45 Ft. Eagle Tour Bus

Model 15 Eagle conversion bus

Eagle model 20 conversion bus with stainless steel siding

Eagle Bus

Eagle Tour Bus with Stainless Steel siding.

I would guess that with the windows and door open, AC is not working !

model 10 eagle

Model 10 40 Ft. Eagle Tour Bus

15 Eagle tour bus

Model 15 Eagle 45 Ft. Tour Bus

15 Eagle tour bus

Model 15 Eagle 45 Ft. Tour Bus

10 Eagle bus

05/10 Eagle 40 Ft. Tour Bus.


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